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Our Justice Work

People Impacted by the
Broken Criminal Justice System

CLUE SB advocates for the elimination of injustices in the jail system and law enforcement practices. CLUE SB also networks with faith communities and the Stepping Up Initiative Team in seeking to reduce the number of people with mental illness in our county jail and to provide alternative community housing and treatment.

People Harmed by the Environment

CLUE SB advocates for policies and regulations that mitigate human activities which pose threats to our environment and the Earth’s climate. We work with Food and Water Watch to protect those most at risk from the effects of environmental degradation.

Empowering Immigrants Through Just Policies

As people of faith and people of conscience, we believe that every person is sacred. We work to ensure respect for the dignity, safety, and human rights of all people, while resisting unjust policies and practices that target and discriminate against immigrant communities. Our goal is to reach out further and unite local refugee/immigrant communities that are often overlooked.

Supporting Tenants Rights

CLUE SB networks faith communities with the Rental Housing Roundtable to protect and encourage a diverse, inclusive and representative community of very-low to moderate income renters and the development of healthy and vital communities.

Ending Homelessness

CLUE SB advocates for the welfare and rights of individuals and families living on the streets, in vehicles, and in transitional housing. Housing with Supportive Services is critical to ending homelessness. CLUE SB advocates for affordable housing and accessible physical and behavioral health care for all people.

Recent & Upcoming

CLUE Santa Barbara Community Forumn Immigration

Community Forumn on Immigration

Join us on November 15th for this important community forum.

CLUE Santa Barbara Jerry Brown signs SB 54

Good News! SB54 Is Now State Law!

Governor Brown signs legislation to protect California's hard-working immigrants.

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